Gulab Jamuns are always used to tickle the sweet tooth. Its one of my favorite sweet. 
Traditionally, Khoya, an Indian milk product, is rolled into a ball together with some flour and then deep fried, but at a low temperature of about 300°F.  It is then put into a sugar syrup flavored with cardamom seeds and rosewater, kewra or saffron.

But here i am making an amazingly innovative savoury vegetable recipe by keeping raw Gulab Jamun as the main ingredient. It is Gulab Jamun balls which, rather than dipping in sweet syrup, is dipped in rich savoury gravy.  
This is a heavy to eat recipe as the Gulab Jamun Balls is fried in ghee and then made in rich gravy, again using Ghee and Cashewnut paste.
In Jodhpur( Rajasthan ), we can get raw gulab jamuns in most of the sweet shops. Here i am making Gulab Jamuns by using the readymade Gulab Jamun Mix and also without cream. This vegetarian speciality is very famous in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

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Anshu Bhatnagar


  1. It is new dish to me. Looks delicious.

  2. Wow, always heard of gulab jamuns as sweet dish but this recipe looks grt, will try it

  3. Hey - This is so unique. I think this will be a fusion food of sorts, atleast for someone used to seeing Gulab Jamun as sweet desserts!

    Would you like to send this to "Let's Party - Fusion Food" Event ongoing in my space till July 14th? Thanks!

  4. Loved the recipe. I would give a try

  5. Never tried gravy with jamuns. It looks amazing...

  6. Happy to follow you anshu.. thanks for stopping by at my blog

  7. Mouthwatering here, wat a terrific and super tempting dish..

  8. Thanks for dropping into my space. The curry looks yummy and truly innovative.

  9. Unique dish... i have tried this :)

  10. hmmm ...never hear of a gulab jamun curry, looks delicious, thanks for sending it to my event and using the logo Anshu

  11. Just purchased a jar of the cardamon flavored and it seems very interesting. What di I do with it?

    You don't have to purchase sweetened form. :-)
    You need the Gulab Jamun Mix available at every Indian grocery store.
    Now since you have purchased the sweet, i'll tell you my favorite method of eating Sweet Gulab Jamuns - Heat a piece or two in microwave for 20 seconds, put the hot gulab jamuns on top of two scoops of ice cream and enjoy the combination.

  13. This is really nice and unique :) We will try it in our kitchen .
    Thanks for sharing


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